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Corporate Governance - Highlights

The Board of Directors and executives of HeartWare acknowledge that the Company's ability to meet its goals will be significantly influenced by the extent to which it successfully applies prudent corporate governance policies. In addition, it is a well-accepted commercial practice that corporate activities and decision-making must be tempered by a considered approach to a variety of factors, with particular regard being given to the identification and assessment of "risk".

With the above in mind, the Company wishes to emphasize its commitment to developing (and monitoring) a strong corporate governance framework. This framework will be evidenced by appropriate policies and charters. Summaries of the corporate governance policies and charters adopted by the Company to-date are set out below. New policies and charters will be posted on this website as they are adopted.

Further information concerning the Company's corporate governance is included in the Company's Annual Report.

The Company invites investor comment on its corporate governance policy and would ask that all comments be forwarded in writing to the Company Secretary at the Company's registered office.